Dr Ricardo Paez is the only DSD master in the Hunter area. He has trained extensively with the DSD team both in Australia and Overseas, becoming a DSD master in 2017.

Dr Ricardo Paez believes that to really get a true cosmetic and harmonic results, with the most natural look out of smile makeovers, veneers, full mouth reconstructions and cosmetic dentistry, even Invisalign and Implants treatments, DSD is the best way to do it.

Why? Because DSD is a facially driven treatment planning technique. Dr Ricardo Paez will take photos and videos of his patients to then be able to measure and design a smile that corresponds to you facial expressions and movements as well as different angles. 

We are also able to test drive the smile even before we start treatment. That way our patients can see what they are going to look like even before we begin. 

Is Dr Ricardo Paez's believe that this is the most consistent way to give our patients a natural, harmonic, beautiful smile that they deserve and wish for.

Dr Ricardo Paez has made his associates DSD members as well, and they are on the path of becoming DSD masters too.